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How to seduce a girl

Now we will not write about how to communicate with a girl, we will talk about touching. But this does not mean at all that you have to be dumb, like a fish or constantly poison jokes. Remember what topics you need to communicate with a girl, and constantly keep this in your head.

how to seduce a girl


And now about touching. You need to start touching the girl as early as possible. For example, after I call my name and find out the name of the girl, I shake her hand. Not as a man, but tenderly and affectionately. In other words, I emphasize her delicate skin, hold the handshake for a few seconds. At this time, the girl is already beginning to get used to the fact that I touch her and will touch her.

When you take a girl somewhere (but, most likely, while still in a cafe), you can touch her waist with the words “now we go there.” And, echoing your words, slightly nudge her in the right direction. When you cross the street, boldly say:

  • “Give me your hand” and immediately take her hand.
  • After you have crossed the street, you can release your hand. But not right away – walk another 5-10 meters, holding her hand. When you are saying something interesting, to make your words even more emotional, touch her elbow, hands. And watch carefully.

    When you touch a girl, you must watch her very carefully. For her reaction to your touch. Through her reaction, she answers you what in fact can be done and what is not. At the same time, she can speak quite differently, she can control words. But her body will still give her away, so let’s learn to observe.

    If at that moment when you touched the girl, she pulled away from you – this is a signal that needs to be perceived literally as follows:

  • “It’s too early to touch me like that.”
  • If she didn’t react in any way, “while this is possible, perhaps it is possible and somehow”. If, in response to your touch, she presses against you, approaches, smiles – this is a signal “I want more”. The conclusion is that any of its manifestations, except for the negative, is a signal to act further.


    Soon you will get to kissing. Remember that the first kiss should be a natural continuation of your communication, and you should try to do it. In general, the first kiss is a very emotional thing. It is not for nothing that in many films, the first kiss is one of the most climaxing moments.

    So what’s the right way to kiss a girl for the first time? In the most famous pick-up film, “The Rules of Pickup. The Hitch Method ”was given good advice: looking into her eyes, move 90 percent towards her, the other 10 will be done by her. The advice is strong, but there is a nuance – sometimes you need to help a girl decide to do her part of the path, push her, perhaps use a little force. You can’t talk about it in movies – it’s not romantic.

    Steps of kiss

    A kiss is an important step in seduction. But this is not seduction yet. Cases are very frequent when a young man ends a date with a passionate kiss, thinks that this girl is already his, and after that the girl disappears, does not pick up the phone, does not make contact. Sometimes there are cases of seduction and without kissing. Anyway, you want to go further, right? Of course you are tired of masturbating and watching porn, so you definitely want it, but if something goes wrong, then you should visit MILF PORN TV and bring yourself some pleasure.

    By answering the kiss, the girl gave you a big enough credit of trust. Now it is important to properly dispose of this trust. So, let’s remember what needs to happen in order for a successful seduction to happen:

  • The girl should be interested in you.
  • The girl should trust you.
  • The girl must be horny.
  • There must be a place where you can have sex with her.
  • Let’s start with the latter. If you decide to seduce a girl, then there must be a place. And you are responsible for this. Whining about the fact that there is no such thing, that you live with strict parents, there is no money, you are still a student, is not accepted. Of course, I can sympathize with you, but this will not make you happier with women. So find a place. A friend’s apartment, an apartment rented for several people, an agreement with parents – whatever. But there must be a place.

    There is nothing worse than a situation in which you excite a girl, achieve the highest level of trust, and not have sex with her. According to our statistics, after this, the probability of meeting a girl again is not higher than 20%. Why? It’s about you. You didn’t live up to her trust. You messed up your credit score. After that, there is no point in communicating with you. Therefore, if you do not know where sex is possible for you today, it is better not to excite, limit yourself to creating comfort and interest in you.

    These ritual dances have their own rules of the game. First, a man should pester and take the initiative. Sometimes, however, it happens that the girl herself rapes you. But this is more the exception than the rule. Secondly, in the process of harassment, the girl regularly tries to jump off. She continually comes up with reasons why you can’t do anything right now.

    And in the process of seduction, in the process of arousing a girl, you need to be able to withstand this line. On the one hand, this is your initiative, here you decide what will and what will not happen, you want to seduce her, you just want her 🙂 On the other hand, the whole world did not converge on it. And the better you can withstand this line, the more you play on her feelings, the easier it will be for you to seduce her. Good luck!