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What is No Nut November?

No Nut November? What’s that?

What is No Nut November? No, it’s not one of those fad diets that you keep hearing about but get quickly forgotten after a month. It also isn’t about being in solidarity with or spreading awareness about people who have nut allergies. It’s an annual internet challenge where men are encouraged to refrain from ejaculating or “nutting”, either by masturbation or sexual intercourse. This needs to be done for the whole month of November as its name says. Only upon the successful completion of this challenge can the participant be qualified for Destroy Dick December.

what is no nut november


No Nut November or NNN started as a joke at around 2010-2011. It was originally a parody of popular internet challenges like the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, but has since massively grown in popularity that some brands have incorporated it in their marketing. Today, sites like NoFap continue to encourage abstinence and even act as a support group for recovering porn addicts. Some journalists have even hilariously associated NNN with far right groups due to its pro-abstinence and anti-porn messaging.

Is it a bad thing, though?

While scientists and health experts agree that fapping to your favorite nude Asian MILF is good for you, proponents of NNN claim that avoiding ejaculation is also as beneficial. They also claim that it improves self-control and strengthens willpower. It also encourages men to learn a new skill or find a new hobby. Most importantly, NNN has also been used to raise awareness about diseases such as prostate cancer. On the other hand, the same scientists and health experts also say that not releasing all that pent up sexual energy can be harmful. One also has to consider “post nut clarity” or “Kenjataimu” as the Japanese call it. It describes the period in which a man thinks more clearly after having an orgasm, thus having better decision-making capabilities.

So what will it be? Will you go ahead with your regularly scheduled naked Asian girls wank session or would you just do it some other time? It’s all up to you.